About Haystack Digital.

Haystack Digital is a team of marketing industry veterans that are leaders in professional website design and development services, mobile application software development and email marketing.

Our creative shop produces everything a digital brand leader could desire.

From robust, all-encompassing digital marketing campaigns, to last-minute transaction websites, to game-changing mobile applications, to compelling brochureware, to smart-and-affordable destination target URLs.

Haystack Digital has a wealth of experience in efficiently designing and developing attractive, search-optimized sites for your business. And best of all, we implement a solution that gives clients full control of their website’s content.


We strive to have a good time —
enjoying the process as much as the end result.

We are a division of Haystack Needle.

Haystack Digital can assemble a custom team for each client in order to deliver the perfect visual, interactive or live brand experience. We are their digital team, complementing the services of Fearless Company, Haystack Reputation, Haystack Worldwide, Sugar Bowl, Nomeni and Haystack Resolution. Our Executive Producer is Townsend Belisle.

The primary base of our work comes from partnering with consumer, investor, public affairs and corporate communications firms to provide an optimal medium for the messages they craft on behalf of their clients.